Commercial Success Through Visualization

No matter what skeptics say, the human brain is a mysterious and powerful thing and is more than capable of transforming private fantasy into reality with the right motivation. This is especially true when it comes to money. Motivational speakers and psychiatrists use visualizations as part of their toolbox because it works in many cases. Here are some of the things that you can visualize on  a daily basis in order to stimulate your brain into thinking outside the box and start coming up with ideas on how to achieve commercial success.

Make It Rain

This is an exaggerated, hyperbolic visualization which triggers the desire for money within an individual. Basically, you have to think money; imagine clouds and clouds of money falling over you, or standing in a pile of coins and surrounded by it. If your mind leans towards narration, then imagine opening great, big doors with a key and finding mountains of coins and bundles of paper money lying there. These visualizations will awaken the money demon in you and direct your brain to hunt out any opportunity where you can make some extra cash. Be aware however, that unless you have strong moral principles, constant dreaming about money can lead to slackening values and eve criminal activity in order to make more money.

See the Way

It is not just enough to think money reviews of the ways in which that money is received are also important. Think about your primary source of income. If you work a desk job and your salary is deposited straight to the bank, you must visualize your boss handing you wads of cash or a promotion certificate – commercial success can also come in the form of a promotion or a bonus after all. If you work a blue-collar job or in some other alternative field, then imagine receiving more money from your superior and rehearse this scene until you almost believe it is real. However, be careful to maintain the line between reality and fantasy.

Do the Work

Once you have awoken your desire for more money and visualized receiving it, you must brainstorm how you can actually get it. You may be due for several increments in salary but have been too embarrassed to ask; you may be able to freelance online; or you may be able to turn your hobby into a cash-flow business. Once you figure it out, visualize step by step what you will need to do to achieve this. If you need to ask for an increment from your human resource department, visualize getting up from your chair, walking into their section, meeting the relevant resource person and actually making the request. Similarly, visualize for any other scenario until you are confident enough that you can manage it.