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Starting A Video Blog


Initiating a video blog can be a very exciting thing to do and the great thing about it is that you could be earning money for your efforts. Google and YouTube will usually pay you money for the amount of views that you get provided that you get a minimum number of views and this should be fairly interesting if you are good enough at what you do. You need to make the videos that you do exciting and interesting. You need to get people to be so exciting about your videos that they will subscribe and share their videos with your friends.

Documenting your holidays

Does getting paid for going on holiday sound a little too good to be true? The truth is, it is not. You can document your holiday through a video blog and let people know about your holiday and about the amazing places you visited, the different cultures you discovered and the great food that you ate. You could even try to reach out to a niche but growing market by giving advice on the vegan and plant based food available at different restaurants that you visit. You will need to invest in travel insurance however and this is a cost that you will need to bear and include in your expenses to be covered by the money you earn from video blogging.

While you are travelling, consider giving your home out on rent as a guest house to tourists or travellers that are visiting your country. Get a reputable home insurance quote and include the price in your rental fee while you are away. The rent that you get from this will be enough to help you get through some of the major expenses of your holiday. You can do the same with your car that people will be able to rent out during your time away to help you collect more money.

Of course, in order to save money during your holiday, you will want to avoid staying at an expensive hotel and use airbnb instead for your accommodation. For your travelling, make an effort to walk from one location to the other as much as possible to save money and also to make the most of your travels. You can even register yourself with a charity organization that pays people for their walked miles in order to earn even more money. If you have the time, you could try to look for a writing job that can help you to earn some money by writing some articles while you are on holiday.